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Sandy Sharp
Artist: Sandy Sharp
Origin: Poland
Genres: Deep House / House / Progressive
MSM Team Member Since: January 2015
Up To Date MSM Shows: #MSM131
Sandy Sharp (Jaroslaw Ulanik). Born 21.12.1991.
His musical career began in May 2009, by joining the formation of South Sounders and he remained there until March 2013.
In March 2013 he decided to disconnect from the formation, performing and producing under the artist name as Sandy Sharp.

In July 2013, he released his first single "Harder Better" in Dutch label - Boda Records.
09.2013 "Inside" also on Boda Records label.
01.2014 - "Laruttoo" - Intevill Records UK
03.2014 - "Zodiac" - Boda Records
04.2014 - "New Life" - Intevill Records UK

October 2013 - won the competition Ultra Night Events and performance at a club in Manhattan Czekanów.
November 2013 - has become an official resident in Oleśnica Euphoria Club where he played until May 2014.

09/08/2014 - The winner Audio Lake 5 - performance on the Main stage.

Sandy Sharp’s genres are: Electro House, House, Dutch House, Progressive House
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